What I'll do for a friend!

Well, by now you've already figured out that I have a weird sense of humor.

My friend Kim called me in a panic one evening, pleading with me to come evict the possum that had been eating her cat's food on her porch each night. The critter had Kim cornered and was snarling and acting generally pretty nasty, the way possum's tend to do.

Needless to say, I caught the rascal and sent him packing. Looks kinda pissed, doesn't he?

Kim is a cordon bleu chef, so I did get a great dinner out of the deal, though! No, we didn't cook the possum!

And finally a shot of my Gold Wing motorcycle on one of my trips out west. This picture was taken in what remains of Elizabethtown, New Mexico (thanks, Nick, for reminding me and for snapping the picture). Yes, that's me up there in the window. See? Ghost towns really do exist. This ruin is all that remains of a flourishing Gold Rush-era settlement, and you'd never even know it whizzing by at 70+ mph. It pays to stop and explore...that's the way I prefer to travel.

Although I don't have a bike any longer (I've had several, though), I'll probably buy another Gold Wing at some point. I really like to travel by motorcycle...you get to experience so much more than travelling by car.

The bikes have intercoms to talk back and forth to my passenger, two-way radios for chatting with my riding partners, and killer stereo systems. Someday I'll get another...

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