Who would have guessed?

I was a cop for about ten years here in South Florida. I really enjoyed the job, but I got pretty bored. So in 1990 I resigned (voluntarily, I might add...no indictments or nasty press coverage here!) and moved to the Florida Keys. I've been basking in the sun ever since!

When I was a cop, I taught SWAT helicopter operations for a couple of years, and was a Police Underwater Diving instructor as well. This picture was taken by a friend while I was getting ready to push a few new students out of a perfectly good helicopter...It's one of my favorite pictures of me.

It's not a recent picture...it was taken about 1989 or so, but I look pretty much the same now as I did then.

Jumping out of helicopters is a lot of fun, I've gotta admit. But you have to be really sure you have those harness straps just so, or you're in for a very uncomfortable surprise!

As a cop, I was cross-trained as a firefighter (called a Public Safety Officer). I worked as a cop normally, but when there was a fire, I'd kinda switch hats and work as a firefighter. We carried our bunker gear and air pack in the trunk of our police cars. Talk about the best of both worlds! Every kid's dream!

I still volunteer as a firefighter here in Key Largo. Fighting fires is actually kind of fun...you get to play with all that expensive equipment. It's a guy thing, I suppose...

My good friend Nick took this picture while I was on a training burn. That's an abandoned crack house in the background being burned to the ground. Easy urban renewal!

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