So why am I still single?

I get asked that a lot. Well, by now you've figured out that I lead a pretty open, unusual life. The things I do, the friends I have, and the playful nature of my personality demand a partner who is pretty unusual as well.

When I originally put this site together I was looking for a unique way to meet fun dates. There are VERY few single women in the Florida Keys where I live, and so I turned to the world wide web. And I did meet some really neat women with a great deal to offer, but it never seemed to work out.

I always mused that it would be by chance that I met someone special, and a few months ago just that happened. After over two years on the web, it was friends who introduced me to Laura, my girlfriend. She'd never seen my web site (and probably wouldn't have liked what she read anyway), but something clicked and we ended up dating.

Laura is everything I could ask for and much more. She's willing to put up with my idiosyncracies (and there are many) and in return, I've managed to expand her horizons a little. We're a good match and I'm thankful I met her.

So the focus of the web site has evolved a little. No longer a hunt for the perfect mate, I'm still happy to share my life with my friends on the internet.

So...I've been telling all (well...not ALL) of my secrets--what about you? Are you single? Married? Playful? Adventurous? Are you a Mom? What's your favorite movie? Do you live in South Florida or travel here?

Be creative and drop me a note. Let's chat and see if we share similar interests and outlooks...and if we don't, who cares? You might be surprised at how much people with very different opinions and tastes can learn from each other!

Thanks again for visiting,

P.S., As a reward for sticking with me to this point, the next page includes my Most Embarassing Picture. It's also the one I like the best. Hope you enjoy it, too.

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