Glad you stuck around?

This photo is from the May 96 issue of Playgirl magazine. It was a lot of fun appearing in the magazine, although I never imagined that they'd actually print my picture. When a girlfriend sent it in, I thought they'd reject it because of the trademark on the sweatshirt, so I said "Sure, go ahead!" thinking it'd never see print. Boy, was I wrong!

Although it was fun, I hadn't counted on all the phone calls I received and had to unlist my phone number for a while. The first couple of calls were kind of fun, but it got to be a pain after the first hundred or so...let that be a lesson...if you're going to send your naked pictures to a magazine, never use your real name or home town!

So, if you look up my picture in Playgirl or make the effort to track me down in the phone book, please don't call me at three in the morning unless you're female, very cute, and are going to make the call interesting. Otherwise send me an email and I'll be sure to respond. Notes of appreciation and positive comments are always welcome!

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