So you'd like to know more about me?

Well, let's see. I'll be 40 years old in August and I live the beautiful Florida Keys, about an hour south of Miami, Florida. I'm 6'2" tall, have an athletic build and weigh about 190 pounds. As you've seen, I have short brown hair and blue eyes. I just recently shaved off my mustache. After 20 years I was curious what I looked like, and you know what? I don't really look all that different. A lot of friends didn't even notice.

I'm a non-smoker and that's important to me. I really don't like cigarettes. I drink occassionally, but honestly I prefer Kendall-Jackson wines to champaign. My favorite meal is meatloaf and mashed potatoes (thank God I don't have the waistline to prove it), but I'll eat just about anything (except tomatoes, I REALLY dislike tomatoes)

I like to dance, although I don't really know how and feel silly and awkward when I do. I've resolved to learn to dance by the end of the year and I've been taking ballroom lessons from Tony, our resident YMCA Dancing Machine.

Tony has managed to prove once and for all that I really DO have two left feet, no coordination, and a really poor sense of timing. It's nice to know it's not all in my head. Nevertheless, I'm determined. At least I'm making an effort and I've managed to avoid crushing anyone's feet. I've been dating a really great Swing dancer and I've been trying to learn that, too. Not much luck so far. Fortunately, she has the patience of a Saint.

I'm a very easy-going person. I have very eclectic taste in everything from music to food, so you'll often find me listening to Mozart one minute or The Call and Nine Inch Nails the next. I like almost any kind of food, but Sushi is probably my favorite. Since I live in the Keys, I eat a lot of local seafood, like Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi, not Flipper) and Snapper. I love to cook and been told that I have a few more house plants than a bachelor probably should. And yes, silly...they are ALL alive!

I live by myself with two very friendly cats (Andy and Lucifer) and two goofy Golden Retrievers (Cayo and Kelsey). A year ago last Christmas, someone abandoned Kelsey by dumping her into my back yard with Cayo, and I didn't have the heart to take her to the pound (but the picture at left is Cayo...I can't get Kelsey to stand still long enough for a picture). She's still a puppy, boisterous, and very energetic to say the least. We were in obedience training in October, and yes, I was well trained! Kelsey wasn't, though. At least she now sits on command...sort of.

Kelsey is my new Rollerblade partner. I have to keep her in a pinch collar to keep her manageable, and she STILL pulls me around the neighborhood at full speed for twenty minutes. When she finally runs out of steam, she's well behaved. But until then, HOLD ON! Cayo is much better mannered, so I take him first. I can hear Kelsey yowling all the way up the street, jealous when she can't be the one going.

I have a two-story home that's really much more than I need for day-to-day, but it's really nice to be able to host parties, and there seems to always be someone coming to visit on the weekends. I keep a clean house (not spotless, mind you, but tidy at least) but I really hate doing laundry. Not the washing/drying that down pat. Just seems so damn hard to get all those clothes folded and put away.

You'll see soon enough that I'm a nudist and live a very fun life. I'm a good traveling companion and love adventure and new experiences.

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