And the World Famous Columbus Day Regatta...

I never miss the famous Columbus Day Regatta held each Columbus Day weekend in beautiful Biscayne Bay just souith of Miami. Of course, there is a sailboat race, but I've never been close to it. The real party is in the south anchorage where boaters from all over converge for three days of loud dance music, rafts of boats, wild abandon, and--oh yes--plenty to drink for everyone. There are usually in excess of 500 boats, so it can be really a lot of fun.

We sail to the Regatta on Friday morning on the S/V Mortail, a 47 foot trimaran and by Friday afternoon, we usually have five or six other boats rafted up with us. There is only one rule on the boat--no clothes. So if you're coming by to visit us, prepare to disrobe. After all, you DO want to join in the fun, don't you?

As you can see, we usually draw quite a crowd. Two huge club speakers, an awesome sound system, and non-stop party action above (and especially below) decks keep the crowd very entertained! Over-zealous audience members may be doused with ice water from the pressurized water fire extinguishers on board, so beware--behave or be chilled!

There tends to be a lot of "dancing" on deck, as you can see. We DO try to make sure everyone has a great time! Last year we had an adult film producer and film crew on board, but then that's another story...

Each year we take the traditional view-from-the-mast shot of the party. If you plan to attend this year, please let me know! And if you'd like to learn more from the official Columbus Day Regatta web site, click here.

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